Museo di arte Contemporanea e del Novecento

The museum

The Museo di Arte Contemporanea e del Novecento (Contemporary and 1900s Art Museum) is hosted inside Villa Renatico Martini. The museum hosts a permanent nucleus of the Public Collection works and temporary events


The Collezione Civica Il Renatico (Il Renatico Public Collection) is a permanent collection of graphic, painting, and sculpture works by artists of the 1900s.


The “Museo di Arte Contemporanea e del 900” (Contemporary and 1900s Art Museum) actively participates in projects and activities aimed at valorising creativity, with special attention to young people.


The “Museo di Arte contemporanea e del Novecento” (Contemporary and 1900s Art Museum), organises many contemporary art exhibitions, conferences, meetings, educational laboratories, open-air music concerts and theatre performances during sum


The Museum organises contemporary art and 20th century communication languages educational laboratories aimed at the students and teachers of schools, and laboratory courses for adults.



In summer, the park becomes a meeting point for the city transforming itself into an open-air arena with theatrical and musical performances, meetings, and projections.


Ordinary and extraordinary opening hours, tickets, guided tours, and services of the Museum. All the useful information to organise your tour at the Mac,n.


Aqua Viva. Contemporary conversations inspired by Luigi Garzi, a seventeenth century painter from Pistoia

Mostra collettiva

 From 22nd November 2014 until 2nd March 2015 Exhibition curated by Paola CassinelliThe exhibition theme is water that, with its tenacity, its vehemence, its violence, its power, can now build and then destroy, although at the same time.The painting of Luigi Garzi The finding of Moses on Nile's banks from 1692, was conserved inside Pitti Palace. It describes the river as...

The winner of the Ninth Edition of the "Premio Internazionale Biennale d'Incisione"


116 young engravers from 14 Italian fine arts academies, 200 works on display, 70 artists selected, and two internationally renowned masters, Lucian Freud and Emilio Vedova: these are the numbers and names on hand for the ninth City of Monsummano Terme International Engraving Biennial.The exhibition’s aim is to show the public the commitment with which these young students of the...

Project "Archivio Arte Giovani (Arte Giovani Archive)"

The ArteGiovani Archive is aimed at valorising the creativity of young people. It is a provincial archive with free registration,...

Project "Premio Internazionale Biennale d'Incisione Città di Monsummano Terme (City of Monsummano Terme International Biennial Engraving Prize)"

Among the initiatives promoted there is the international prize "Biennale d’incisione Città di Monsummano Terme", aimed at the students of...

The museum



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Museo di Arte Contemporanea e del '900
Villa Renatico Martini
Via Gragnano, 349 - 51015 Monsummano Terme (PT) ITALY
Tel. e fax +39 (0)572 952140


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