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Almina Dovati Fusi

Carrara (MS), 1908 / Firenze,1992

In a brief autobiographical note kept today by her husband Umberto, Almina Dovati Fusi tells how her enthusiasm for art charted her life from an early age. Born in Carrara, Almina Dovati Fusi enrolled in 1939 in the Free Course of the Nude at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts, directed by the artist Felice Carena at that tune. The course lasted only three months, not enough to become a part of the city’s artistic life, but sufficient to establish a very close relationship. Her love for Florence and determination to continue her artistic career led her to settle permanently in the Tuscan capital in the post-war years. In this period, she painted and drew many city views, especially of the Porta Romana area where she lived at that time. These images were always accompanied by a "bit" of nature: trees, gardens, flowers, brief views of greenery that left glimpses of her still vivid childhood memories of the countryside. In her later years, nature would be the center of her artistic vision, also explored only in fragments yet assuming deep metaphorical meanings. At the end of the 1950s, she decided to take up engraving, with the plate becoming her ideal sheet of paper. As she herself said, etchings became the most suitable means for expressing the poetry of her inner world. The meeting that took place in those years with the Pistoia artist Francesco Chiappelli was certainly important. From this relationship – which developed into a true friendship, Dovati acquired an unquestionable mastery of engraving techniques, thus identifying precise and definitive choices in line with her sensibility. In 1961, she exhibited her first works at the Galleria Vigna Nuova, attracting widespread interest. In 1968, she was invited to be on the committee for the 2nd International Graphic Arts Biennial at Palazzo Strozzi. She was then invited to exhibit at the next event in 1972.  


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